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Percent Correct Options on the Tests Page

When your learner has completed one or more of the tests in your course, the Tests Page will display the percent of questions they have answered correctly: ![][1] There are **two options** for how this percent is calculated, and you can select your option within **Tenant Dashboard, **by turning on or off the feature…

Managing Features

## **Changing features for an entire institution** 1. In the **Institutions** tab, _select_ an **institution** 2. On the institution's details page, _click_ on the **Manage Features** button ![][1] 3. You will then be able to _toggle_ specific features **on/off** ![][2] ## **Change features for an individual gro…

Managing Tenant-Wide Features

**Feature Access** allows you to manage features across your Tenant. Once you've enabled a feature for your Tenant, you can [enable or disable it for each individual course][1]. Feature Access is located under **Settings** in **Console.** Users must have the [**Update Feature Accesses** permission][2] to open it. ![…

Create a Custom Role

Console lets you create and manage custom roles. This gives you more flexibility and control over your teammates. Only users with the **Admin role** can create custom roles. In this article, we'll cover that process. Custom Roles can be created from the **Roles and Permissions **page or the **Users** page. **Note:**…

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