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Percent Correct Options on the Tests Page
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When your learner has completed one or more of the tests in your course, the Tests Page will display the percent of questions they have answered correctly:



There are two options for how this percent is calculated:


The default setting calculates the percent by averaging each test score. 

  • Unscored questions are not included in calculations of a percentage of a test, however a test itself cannot be unscored. If all questions are unscored in a single test, the test's percentage will be 0%.

Alternatively, you can choose to calculate the percent by finding the percent of correct questions answered across all questions answered in the course. To enable this method, toggle Calculate Average Exam Score Based on Exam Question Performance feature access ON. Click here to learn how to enable the feature access.

  • With this option selected, unanswered questions from tests which have not been completed yet will not factor into the display.
  • This method of calculation only affects Learning Application percentages.  Averages displayed in other applications (Boost Dashboard) still rely on the default setting calculations.
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