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Managing Tenant-Wide Features
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Feature Access allows you to manage features across your Tenant. Once you've enabled a feature for your Tenant, you can enable or disable it for each individual course via Console, or via BluePrint Course Configuration module. 


Feature Access is located under Settings in Console. Users must have the Update Tenant permission or be an Admin to enable/disable tenant level features.


Under each feature will be a brief description of what it does and which Feature Family it’s a part of. Toggle a feature ON/OFF to enable or disable it. Selections will take effect automatically. Certain features will also have to be enabled at the course and institution level to be available to learners.



NOTE: Tenant-level features are also manageable via Tenant Dashboard. If a feature access is updated in Console, it will also be updated in Tenant Dashboard and vice versa.



Use the search bar to find specific features quickly. Enter a keyword, then select Search to run the search and locate the feature in question.



Use the Feature Family filter to find all features related to a specific area of the course (lessons, flashcards, etc). Select the name of every feature family you'd like to include in the filter, then select Search.


Check out the Features section for a full list of Tenant and Course specific features to guide you through configuring your desired learner experience. 

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