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BluePrint Admin Role
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The BluePrint Admin role lets you give your teammates access to all your courses in BluePrint, giving them a high-level view of everything across your tenant. Let’s discuss what you can do with the BluePrint Admin role, and then explain how to assign it to your team members.


Note that the BluePrint Admin role is different from the course-level roles that you can assign to your users through BluePrint. For more information about course-level roles, read about them here.

What can a BluePrint Admin do?

A BluePrint Admin has access to all content across your tenant, so they can:

  • View and Edit all courses (including course slug)
  • Add, edit and delete all Resources
  • Add, edit and delete all Materials
  • View, edit, create, and delete all Assignments
  • View, filter and export all Feedback
  • View, filter and export all Discussions
  • View Content Validation across all courses
  • View an activity log of all activity across the tenant
  • View a replicator log of anything replicated in the tenant
  • Search tags across all courses (if tags are being used)
  • Update course configuration settings controlled in BluePrint
  • Access and update Tenant-Level CSS 
  • Access and update Course-Level CSS



Who should be a BluePrint Admin?

Though it may be tempting to make all of your teammates a BluePrint Admin, we don’t recommend it. The Admin role is best assigned to the few users who need a holistic view of all courses for management and/or maintenance purposes.


For teammates that only need access to certain courses, you can assign them one of three course-level roles in BluePrint. Read more about those options here.

How do I assign a BluePrint Admin role?

A Console Admin can assign the BluePrint Admin role to any user they would like. Here are the steps to take to assign the BluePrint Admin role:

  1. In Console, open the Users page on the left navigation bar (located under the Manage Users heading).
  2. Select the User you want to make a BluePrint Admin.
    1. If the user does not yet exist, select Add User at the top right to create a new user.
  3. Select Assign Role from the Roles panel on the right:
  4. Select BluePrint Admin from the dropdown list.
  5. Click Save.
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