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Content Styling at the Tenant Level
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Note: Only users with the BluePrint Admin role may eidt Tenant-Level CSS. Learn more about BluePrint Admin role here.


If you would like to set custom content styling across your entire tenant, you may do that with the Content Styles feature.


You can set Tenant-level CSS opening the Content Styles module in the outer left-hand navigation bar of BluePrint. On this page, you can write new CSS and preview the results.

Updates to CSS at the tenant level will be saved and visible in Blueprint after clicking Update. After updating, the changes may be immediately published to learners in the Learning Application by clicking Publish Changes.

Rules set within your Tenant-level CSS stylesheet will apply to all courses within your tenant. This is a good place to set any styling requirements that you would like to consistently see across all of your courses. If you plan to maintain consistent styling for all of the courses in your tenant, it is recommended to set these style guidelines in your tenant-level CSS. This will prevent you from having to re-add this styling to each individual course.

If you decide to add courses in the future with unique styling requirements that deviate from the tenant-level styling, new guidelines may be added to the individual course-level CSS to override the tenant-level CSS.

Note: CSS set at the tenant level will be overridden by CSS set for individual courses. For more about course level styling, click here.

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