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Getting Started with Console
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Introducing Console

BenchPrep is proud to introduce Console, our newly designed, state-of-the-art, and eventual one-stop shop for all your admin tools — from set-up to launch. Console is your new home for user and plan management, reports, tenant branding, and more.


Here’s a quick demo of what Console can currently do for you:



Using Console

Console is a flexible admin tool that allows you to create plans, enroll users, and redesign your learning platform. We encourage you to explore our Knowledge Base for detailed guides on how to use each aspect of the following:


  • Quickly create plans of content packages (courses)
  • Generate voucher codes, individually or in bulk, to share with your learners
  • Create custom roles with specific access to Console to enable collaboration within your organization
  • Redesign your learning platform: choose primary and secondary colors, swap out logos and icons, and customize locales/terminology and footer copy
  • Control features at the tenant and course levels
  • And more!

Tenant Dashboard vs. Console 

Reference the chart below to review and compare Tenant Dashboard and Console functionality to help you manage your product more effectively.


Category Function/Page Tenant Dashboard Console (current state Oct 2023)  Console (end of 2023)
Manage Users Users Yes Yes* Yes*
Manage Users Plans No Yes Yes
Manage Users Vouchers No Yes Yes
Learning Courses Yes Yes** Yes**
Learning Resources No Yes Yes
Reporting Standard Reports Yes Yes Yes
Reporting Standard Reports No Yes Yes
Reporting  Hierarchy Usage Dashboard No Yes Yes
Settings Tenant Details No Yes Yes
Settings  Look and Feel No Yes Yes
Settings  Roles and Permissions No Yes Yes
Settings Manage Features Yes Yes Yes
Settings API Tokens No Yes Yes
Settings  Webhooks No Yes Yes
B2B Tools Groups Yes Yes  Yes
B2B Tools Institutions Yes Yes (replaced by Branches) Yes
B2B Tools Districts Yes Yes (replaced by Branches) Yes
B2B Tools


 Administrative Divisions    

Yes Yes (replaced by Branches)  Yes
B2B Tools Contracts  Yes Yes (replaced by Plans) Yes
B2B Tools Client Organizations Yes No Sunsetting ***
    Virtual Events              Live Classes Yes No Yes****
    Virtual Events                Integrations Yes No Yes****
    Virtual Events            Web Conferencing Yes No Yes****
Communication Private Discussions Yes No Yes****
Communication Banner Messages Yes Yes Yes
LTI Tools LTI Tools Yes No Yes


*Shared account functionality are not available in Console

** Course reviews are not available in Console

*** This functionality will move to Branches

**** Expected to launch in Q1 of 2024

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