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Deleting a Custom Role

It's easy to delete a role in Console. Only users with the **Admin role** can delete custom roles. In this article, we'll cover that process. **Note: **You **can** delete a role that is actively assigned to users. Users with this role are not notified, and the deletion happens immediately. 1. _Select_ **Settings**…

Private Discussions

In a typical classroom, a teacher may want to pull students aside to have a private discussion, or they may invite students to group up for private discussions themselves. The **Private Discussions** feature emulates that experience on our platform, and allows users to set up private discussion groups and invite other…

BluePrint Admin Role

The BluePrint Admin role lets you give your teammates access to all your courses in BluePrint, giving them a high-level view of everything across your tenant. Let’s discuss what you can do with the BluePrint Admin role, and then explain how to assign it to your team members. **Note** that the BluePrint Admin role is …

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