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Exam Results in User Detail Page

## Viewing Individual Exam Data Console admin users and users with **read:activities **permission are able to view users’ individual exam performance across all of their courses, providing a glimpse into their performance right from their User Detail page. On a given user’s Detail page, _select_ the **Exam Results**…

Resetting Passwords

Users can be locked out of their account after incorrectly entering their password 5 times in a row. Upon lockout, they will receive an alert message informing them that they can either wait for 30 minutes to try again, or reset their password. In case they reach out to you, here's how you can reset their password for…

How do I reset a test or practice questions? Why can't I reset a test or practice questions?

Please note that not all exams can be reset. Admins must check which category the exam is in if a learner cannot reset. **Multiple Tests in a Course** To reset multiple tests, _go_ to the Test dashboard and _click_ **Reset All Tests** in the right-hand corner. **![][1]** **Single Test in a Course** To reset an i…

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