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Exam Results in User Detail Page
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Viewing Individual Exam Data 

Console admin users and users with read:activities permission are able to view users’ individual exam performance across all of their courses, providing a glimpse into their performance right from their User Detail page.


On a given user’s Detail page, select the Exam Results tab to view exam data, including: 

  • Exam Results ID 
  • Exam Name and ID
  • Course Name and ID
  • Exam Progress and Score
    • NOTE: The Exam Progress column will include both answered and skipped questions in an exam. So if a user, for example, completed an exam with 20 questions but did not answer a few of them or ran out of time to answer everything, those questions will be marked as skipped. However, their progress will still display as 20/20.
  • Start and Completed Time (in UTC) - paused exams will not show Completed timestamp
  • Reset Time (in UTC) if applicable
  • Actions (reset)


The Search box allows you to search for Exam Name, Exam ID, Course Name, Course ID, Exam Results ID. Alternatively, use the Course Name dropdown to narrow your results to a single course.




Resetting Individual Exams 

Console Admin users and users with both read:activities and reset:activities permissions can reset individual exam results by selecting Reset from the Actions column. This functionality enhances Console’s self-service capabilities and ensures users with appropriate permissions can reset learners’ exams on their behalf. Both completed and paused exams can be reset.


NOTE: Reset completed via Console will count toward user reset count limit, if set. An exam result can always be reset regardless of the reset count limit. For example, if a learner has 3 resets left, completing an exam reset will decrease their reset count to 2, leaving them with 2 resets left.  Once the learner uses all of their resets, the exam can still be reset via this page. 



To reset an exam attempt, follow these steps:


1. Locate the user via the Users tab on the left-hand side of the screen
2. Once on a user’s Detail page, select the Exam Results tab 
3. Identify the user’s exam attempt you would like to reset
4. Select Reset from the Actions column 
5. Select Reset again within the confirmation dialog box. Note: the action is permanent and cannot be undone.


Upon resetting an individual exam:


  • The Reset Time column will populate the reset time for the attempt
  • The Reset prompt will be disabled since the attempt has already been reset
  • The learner will be able to retake the exam 

If the learner still sees the old exam result, instruct them to redownload the course.


Once the learner retakes the exam, a new Exam Result will be listed on the Exam Results page.

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