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Managing Course Details
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Once you’ve created your course, it will appear in the Courses tab of BluePrint. The Courses tab is where you can manage all of your courses, create new courses, and export their information into a CSV file.


Key Terms and Definitions


  • Anytime a course is created, it's assigned a unique course ID

  • Use this ID to search, locate, and refer to courses


  • Displays the title of the course

  • Column is sortable if you choose to sort the table, rather than filter


  • BenchPrep or Asset-Based Course type


  • Current state of the course: Conversion, Published, or Retired. By default, only courses in Conversion and Published states are displayed. For more details about each state, check out our article here

Last Build

  • Displays date that the course was last built


  • Displays “True” (course is associated with a bank) or “False” (course is not associated with a bank)

  • A bank acts as a container for content used in multiple courses. More info about bank courses, associated courses, and content propagation can be found here

  • Bank courses are not visible to learners


  • Allows you to edit the course’s details


Editing Course Details

When navigating to your course in BluePrint, you’ll automatically be brought to the Course Details page, which will display all of your course’s information. To edit your course’s details, follow these steps:


  1. Click on Edit Course.
  2. Depending on your BluePrint role, you’ll be able to edit the following fields:
    1. Title and Description of your course
    2. Course Slug - For more information, check out our article here
    3. Course Group IDs
    4. Preset Study Plan Completion Date (Study Plan Targeted At)
    5. Course Image - Image of the course that will display on User Portal or Learning Hub
    6. Default and Supported Languages
  3. Click on Save.

Preset Study Plan Completion Date

If all of your learners enrolled in the course should have the same deadline to complete their course by, you can choose a Preset Study Plan Completion Date. Setting this date will make it the default Study Plan end date for all learners in the course. If learners would like to change their deadline from the default, they still have the option to do so at any time.

NOTE: Only BluePrint Admins are able to edit this field. Also, if a completion date is set, it will only affect new users for the course. Previously enrolled users will not have their study plan completion date updated.


Additional Course Details

Within the Course Details section you will see four options to further configure your course: Course Access, Find & Replace, Configuration, and Navigation Menu.

Read below for descriptions and recommendations.




Course Access

  • Allows you to give BluePrint access to internal users for your specific course. 
  • Invited users can be given three roles: Owner, Collaborator, or Content Reviewer.

Users' accounts must already exist before assigning them a role. You cannot create new users through BluePrint.

To learn more about the different BluePrint roles, click here.

Find & Replace

  • In the Find tab, you can search for your term or phrase throughout Lessons, Flashcards, Questions and Passages. 

  • In the Replace tab, you can substitute each instance of your search term with what you want substituted in its place.

  • Must select Replace for each individual instance from search results. No "Replace All" feature.

This is useful for finding specific content across your whole course and making edits en masse. Therefore, this feature can be very powerful and mass changes cannot be easily undone. We recommend doing small batches of changes at a time.
  • Allows you to toggle on/off certain features for individual courses.
You can read about the features available in the BenchPrep platform throughout the Knowledge Base in order to decide which to turn on/off for your courses.
Navigation Menu
  • Allows you to customize your course's navigation menu
  • Show/hide learning modalities, use dividers, and rearrange the order they all appear in
Learn more about how to configure the Navigation Menu here.


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