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BluePrint Overview
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Course creation is managed through BluePrint, our web-based Content Management System. If you’ve used WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or some other content organizing platform, you’ll recognize some similarities. 


BluePrint was built with learning content in mind, so the modules are more specific to learning. There are Lessons, Questions, Flashcards, Tests, and Assignments. Each of these modules can be loaded and designed with your content in a thoughtful and sequential way. BluePrint also gives you the flexibility to create and upload your own content that you author with an external course authoring tool. Within BluePrint, users can create two types of courses: BenchPrep Courses and Asset-Based Courses.


BenchPrep Course vs. Asset-Based Course

So what are BenchPrep and Asset-Based Courses and how do you know which one to choose? Review the chart below to help you learn the differences and decide which course type is best for you.

BenchPrep Course

Asset-Based Course

  • Our most popular option for a customized learning experience

  • Manually create and edit lesson material, flashcard content, practice questions, assignments

  • Gamify the learner experience

  • Upload student materials and toolbox materials

  • Import CSVs of content or manually create courses from scratch using rich text editors 

  • Format and style content

  • Import pre-made course material from an external course authoring tool such as Captivate or Rise/Articulate.

  • Fast and easier process if content is already made

  • Quicker time to launch



BenchPrep Course

  • Create a test prep course leveraging all of the modules/materials or create a simpler but still valuable question-only experience using just practice/test modules.

  • Use our sample templates within BluePrint to help you get started!

Asset-Based Course

  • Create a quick and easy test prep course using your external course authoring tool, then export your content and upload it within BluePrint.

  • Perfect for transferring SCORM-conformant content, or content created with other eLearning standards.


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