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Using the Import Tool
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How can I use the Import tool? BluePrint’s Import tools are powerful, fast ways to automate portions of your course build. To use these tools, you’ll have to organize your course into CSV files (spreadsheets) with accepted columns, and then you can import those spreadsheets to batch create courses in BluePrint.


To import content, open Other Tools > Import content on the left-hand navigation. On this screen, you can click on Show Headers to view a list of the accepted columns for your CSV files.




We recommend you create spreadsheets using Google Sheets instead of programs like Excel or Keynote; the latter two add metadata that can make your import fail. (If you do use Excel or Keynote, make sure to save your CSV as UTF-8.)


Once you’ve filled out your spreadsheet, click on Choose File under the appropriate section, and then click on Import.


If you’re uploading images, videos, and/or audio with your content or structure files, make sure to Zip those files, and upload that ZIP simultaneously with your CSV. The filenames for your multimedia assets should match those found in your CSV files.


NOTE: You can import content with categories, and those import files will create the relevant categories. For example, if you uploaded a lessons CSV with top-level and subcategories, the import tool would create those categories and place the appropriate lessons within them.


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