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Publishing Changes to a Course and Course States
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As you add content to your course, you will want to publish your changes. If you don't publish your changes, they will not be visible in the Learning Platform. Publishing changes pushes all recent changes made in BluePrint to the Learning Platform. The only exception to this is course configuration settings, which take effect immediately. If your course is live, end users will see these changes in their courses.


What’s the Difference between Publishing Changes to a Course and Publishing a Course?

Publishing a course makes your course available, or “live,” in the marketplace for the first time. Students can enroll and begin working through your course. Before your course is built, the status will be in "Conversion" as seen on the Course Properties page. Users who have access to the "Conversion" course in Blueprint will also have access to the course in the learning application.  When your course is built, this status changes to published.  


Publishing changes to a course ensures the content seen in the learning platform matches the content seen in BluePrint. You can publish changes to both published and conversion courses. Publishing changes to a conversion course will not publish the course- it will only ensure that content reviewers viewing the course in the learning platform see the most up-to-date version of the content. 


Course States

Courses can be in various states within BluePrint. Review the chart below to help you understand each key term and definition.


The state the course starts in by default. The course is still a work in progress and is not yet available to learners. You will still want to publish any changes to update the course before publishing the course fully.


The course is complete and will be available to learners once access to the course is provided (via SSO*, voucher, contract, etc.)   If you make a mistake or wish to edit your published course, you can still do so and publish the changes.


The course is only visible to learners if they were previously enrolled. As long as the course is not deleted, any data collected will be retained. Click here to learn how to retire a course. 

* Note that customer SSO set up might vary. 


Publishing Changes in a Course

  1. Navigate to your course within BluePrint.
  2. Click on Publish Changes in the top-right corner of the page. This will initiate a course build.
  3. To check on the status of your build, click on the Activity Log in the left-hand navigation.
  4. While your course is building, the status will read in_progress. Once it’s finished, you will see a status of successful.
    NOTE: The column "On last build?" indicates which course updates are live to learners. So, for example, if you update a paragraph in a lesson, you will see an update in the Activity Log that reflects this change. If "On last build?" does not have a green checkmark, this change has only been made in BluePrint and has not yet been published for learners.


To learn more about the Activity Log click here.

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