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The Learning Platform
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BenchPrep’s Learning Platform is the user-facing learning platform. It’s what your learners will access to progress through your course. Here’s what it looks like:



How do I Navigate The Learning Platform?

  1. Home: On the home section the learner is able to see a high level overview of your course progress. Here, you can easily get a glimpse of your strengths and weaknesses, a brief overview of the Game Centerachievements, a calendar allows your to set a goal end date, & percentile rank, Avg. Score on Practice, and Avg. Score on Tests (learn more about these elements here.)
  2. Study Plan: The Structured and Adaptive Study Plans are the curriculums of your course. They weave together the various content pieces (lessons, questions, tests, etc.) into one study plan for you.
  3. Game Center: The Game Center is an alternative assessment where you can demonstrate as well as acquire further knowledge. BenchPrep offers seven games that enhance memory retention and encourage users to spend more time studying.
  4. Discussions: BenchPrep’s discussion features allows you to communicate with each other in a forum style.

You can also navigate to course specific sections like Lessons, Flashcards and Practice: 


  1. Lessons: The Lessons section organizes lessons by categories, which make up the Table of Contents. Additionally, you'll be able view your Confidence Levels (if enabled), any notes you have taken through the course, as well as anything you have bookmarked.
  2. Flashcards: Flashcards are a great way to enhance your experience by allowing you to review content in a quick and natural way. In addition to the ability to learn from default sets offered within a course, you can use the flashcard functionality to create your own sets to further supplement your learning. You can also share your flashcards with others.
  3. Practice: The Practice tab shows the total number of practice questions you have answered in this course, the average amount of time it takes to answer a question, the average amount of time it takes to answer a question incorrectly, the average time it takes to answer a question correctly, and average practice session duration. It also shows the your performance within each practice category and subcategory, including their overall score, number of correct answers, and the total number of questions in each category.

You will also notice that when in Practice you now have the ability to navigate back to your report if you find yourself in these sections:

  • Practice Questions

    • Category Practice

    • Custom Practice

  • Exams

    • All exam types

    • Short exam

    • Full length exam

From the Practice Section: 

  1. If you find yourself in the Practice Category Screen and wish to navigate back to your report then 
  2. You can now click on the "Back" button from within the page. This feature allows you to navigate from within the screen without having to use the back button on your browser.

Clicking on the Back button will bring you back to your report:

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