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BluePrint vs Learning Platform
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The Learning Platform and BluePrint both have a left hand navigation that hosts various elements. These include content items (like lessons and flashcards), structural elements (like categories in BluePrint), and tools (like publishing your course in BluePrint and discussions and searching a course in Learning Platform).

Navigation Menu

BluePrint          Learning Platform


Primary Content Area

They also have a primary content area. The bulk of the page displays the chosen item you’re viewing. This could be a content page for you to edit in BluePrint, or a test that you’re taking as a learner.


Learning Platform


Switching Between BluePrint and Learning Platform

You can also toggle between the two from the Home Page, Learning Platform, and BluePrint.

From the Homepage Page

  1. Navigate to your homepage
  2. From that screen, click on the avatar in the top-right corner.
  3. Select Study to launch the Learning Platform.
  4. Select BluePrint to launch BluePrint.

From Learning Platform:

Click your avatar in the top-right corner and select BluePrint. This will bring you to BluePrint!

From BluePrint:

Navigate to the Course Details page, and click the link in Webapp URL.


Note: If the link doesn't lead you to your course, you may need to assign it to yourself, build the course, or your company is using a masked domain so the automatically generated one here won't work. More information is covered in our Getting Started with BluePrint section.

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