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Accessing BenchPrep: Roles and Permissions
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Roles and Permissions allow you to control who accesses your course, for how long, and to what extent. Once you've established which permissions you've allowed for a role, you can then assign that role to a user. For example, you might assign a fellow colleague an Admin role, allowing them full access to the product suite whereas you'd only assign an end user a Learner role, allowing only limited access.  


BenchPrep utilizes Console, allowing you to assign users roles and permissions in your course/s.

Please note that to do this the user does require an a BenchPrep Admin account. 


To do this, follow the process below:


1. Assign a User

In Console, on the left hand side menu, open the Manage Users dropdown box and select the Users tab. 

Click on the "Add User" button, as indicated below. 



This will bring you to this screen:



To create a new user, fill in the information as indicated, then select Create User to confirm.

You have now created a new user. 


This user now needs to be assigned roles and permissions so they can access your course in the way you wish. 


2. Assigning Roles and Permissions

To determine what permissions a user has in your course, you need to assign them a role


The standard roles and their associated permissions can be found by navigating to the Settings tab in the left hand side menu, then clicking the Roles and Permissions box. The column entitled Role Name tells you what the role is called, and the Description column, the permissions that role has. 



You can also customize these roles and their permissions if you wish. You can access more information on that here.


Once you've determined which role to assign the user, navigate back to the Users Page. 


You'll notice a list of users, with the most recently created user at the top. Click on the user's username


While this page provides you with multiple opportunities to curate this user's experience and information, our focus this time is to assign the user a role. To do this, click on the Assign Role button.



A pop-up window will appear with a drop down box which will allow you to assign the role you wish. Once the correct role is assigned, click Save




This role should now appear under the Roles section on this page, as follows:



To remove this role, select the red Remove button and follow the prompts.


If you want to check which roles are assigned to users, navigate to the Users page and review the User Roles column. In the example below, we have successfully assigned the 'admin' role to the first user on this page, and the other users do not have roles.



More information on managing roles, including custom roles, is available here.


Note: Legacy roles like District Admin., District Supervisor, Institution Admin., Institution Supervisor, and Instructor roles cannot be removed via Console.  Please contact BenchPrep support for assistance in removing these roles.


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