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BenchPrep Product Suite Overview
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No other learning platform can match the power and versatility of BenchPrep’s proven learning technology, robust data capabilities, and best-in-class business features. We offer: 





Tenant Dashboard

A cutting-edge learning innovation platform that enhances engagement, elevates confidence, and energizes learning from start to finish. 


Webapp is the platform that  your learners will use to view, engage, and track course progress.

An admin platform that empowers learning program managers to streamline the delivery of training programs and online courses to global audiences in multiple models.


Configure and manage your learning platform, add/manage users, and run reports containing valuable insights. When you log in, you will always be taken to Console by default.

A powerful content creation platform that makes it possible to migrate, create, refine, and perfect content like never before.


With BluePrint you can create your own content or upload content from your external course authoring tool. 

Tenant Dashboard will allow you to gain insights into your data as well as manage additional course feature settings.

BenchPrep Data Suite: Leverage our reporting and data through your admin tools.  Click here to learn more!


Integrations. BenchPrep is designed to serve as the cornerstone of your eLearning tech stack. The platform is completely open and fiercely flexible so you can run your tools together as a working system. Paid add on options include:  E-commerce systems or use our partner BigCommerce.

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