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Pausing Tests, Timed and Untimed

It's easy to pause tests in our platform, though we don't always recommend it! When studying for an exam, the best practice is to accurately simulate the exam day experience. That being said, we understand that life happens and sometimes you need to pause your exam to take care of other things and come back later. Fo…

How do I change my test date on a mobile device?

1. Go to the Study Plan section or the Home section (both will work). 2. Tap the small arrow next to the test date. This will bring up a widget for you to change the date.

How do I change my test date?

Tell the user to follow these steps: 1. Your test date and a countdown to the date are displayed on the front page of both the Home and Study Plan sections. 2. To change the date, click on the small arrow next to the date, which will open a drop-down calendar from which you can select a new test date. …

How do I reset a test or practice questions? Why can't I reset a test or practice questions?

Please note that not all exams can be reset. Admins must check which category the exam is in if a learner cannot reset.   Multiple Tests in a Course   To reset multiple tests, go to the Test dashboard and click Reset All Tests  in the right-hand corner. Single Test in a Course To reset an individual t…

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