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4. Branch Plans vs. Tenant Plans
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Branch plans and tenant plans both provide users with course access, but are intended for different use cases and offer different functionality. 


Branch plans are tied to a specific branch, and users must be members of this branch (i.e. added to the branch by a Console admin) to be added to the branch plan.  A console admin or branch manager can add users to the branch plan. A learner can add themselves to a branch plan by redeeming a voucher.  This plan type is intended for organizations that make bulk purchases for their members or consumers. Using a branch plan helps ensure that members of the same branch have access to the same content for similar periods of time. Click here to learn how to set up a branch plan. 


Tenant plans are applicable to any user within the tenant. They allow any learner to “opt in” to the content they want to have access to by enrolling in the plan (Free plans), redeeming a voucher (Voucher redemption plans), or making a payment (For purchase plans). Console admins can also add learners to tenant plans, if necessary. This plan type is intended for direct distribution to individual learners. 

Console admins can extend or remove an individual’s license if the license is from a tenant plan, but console admins cannot extend or remove an individual user’s license if that license comes from a branch plan. Click here to learn how to set up a tenant plan. 

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