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Managing Plans
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What is a Plan?


A Plan establishes the terms for course access for your learners — which course(s) they should gain access to, for how long they can access them, and how they will access these course(s).


Plan Permissions


The following permissions determine what you can view and manage in the Plans page:


Permission Description
create:plans Can create plans
read:plans Can view plans
update:plans Can edit details for a plan like name and plan validity dates
read:content_packages Can view, add, remove courses from a Plan (also requires update:plans)



Can view Plans > Users

read:licenses Can view license ID on Plans > Users
create:vouchers Can create vouchers for plans of type Voucher Redemption

Can view vouchers in Voucher Redemption type Plans

Can redeem voucher in Plans > Users tab


Plan Types


There are two types of Plans: Free and Voucher Redemption.


Free Plans do not require a voucher. Once you create a free plan, learners can go to your marketing URL to enter their credentials or log in to redeem access to the courses in the plan.


Voucher Redemption Plans allow you to create and distribute vouchers that your learners can redeem for course access. A voucher tied to a Plan grants access to all the courses in the Plan at that time.


NOTE: For Purchase plans are currently read-only. You can edit details for this plan except for the price. You cannot create For Purchase Plans from scratch in Console at this time.


Creating Plans

Follow this step-by-step guide to create both a Free and/or a Voucher Redemption Plan in Console.


  1. Select Manage Users > Plans
  2. Click the Add Plan
  3. Follow the guided form for the General set-up:
    1. Select Free or Voucher Redemption for the Plan Type

    2. Select Next
  4. Follow the guided form for the Enrollment Period:

    1. Select Next
  5. Add courses to your Plan using the Course Picker

    1. Only published courses can be added to Plans
  6. Select Create Plan


You have successfully created a Plan. You can edit the details of your plan on the Plans page. Your learners will redeem access to all courses in your plan after enrolling them.


NOTE: If you created a Voucher Redemption plan, you can access the Voucher Redemption Link on the Plan’s detail page.


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