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Managing Users
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Once you have added users into your system, it's important to know how to manage them and navigate through Console. 


Users Page Overview


The home page of Console is the Users page, which lists all the users in your tenant. 

  • This page allows you to search for users by name, ID or email address. You can also narrow your search to users with a specific role.

  • Once you narrow your search, you can easily export a CSV file of the results by selecting Export Filtered. 

  • Selecting any username will bring you to the User Detail page, which displays their ID, email address, last login and other information. 

The User Detail page has some useful features:


Allows you to deactivate users and manually redeem vouchers on users' behalf.


Allows you to impersonate any user, which helps you view the platform as a learner as well as troubleshoot any issues that your users may be experiencing.


Note: When you are impersonating a user, you are logged into their account, and any activities you complete will be saved to that account. Be careful to look but not touch and always log out (click on the "x" towards the top of the screen) when you are finished.

Manage Password

Enables you to update passwords or send a Password Reset email to another user.


Allows you to edit a user’s name and email address.


Lists roles assigned to the user, and allows you to add and remove roles, as well as create a custom role.


Lists the user’s licenses, and allows you to extend enrollment periods and remove licenses.


Lists the user’s enrollments (courses they have access to), and allows you to reset progress in a course and grant test resets.

Note: All of these features require permissions to use, which can be assigned in Console. Users with the admin role can perform all of the above actions by default. 


Deactivating Users

You can deactivate users one by one or you can deactivate in bulk. Within each user account in the users page, you can deactivate a specific user using the Actions drop down on the upper right hand side. 


When you deactivate users: 

  • The user will lose access to the permissions given to them within your admin platform. 

  • The user is not deleted. 

  • The user can no longer log in to their account.

If you wish to reactivate a user, you can do so following the same process above. 


Within the Tenant Dashboard, you can deactivate users in bulk if you need to deactivate multiple users and want to save time. 

  • After deactivation, the user’s profile and its data will still exist and still be visible to you, and you can reactivate the account whenever you want to. 

Deactivating users in bulk is completed through a data import through a .csv  template. To learn more about deactivating users in bulk, click here.

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