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Expanders in BluePrint
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Expanders are clickable boxes that show and hide content. The plus icon shows content and the minus sign hides it again. (NOTE: You can change the ➕/➖ signs to ▶/▼ signs instead.)



To insert an expander in the lesson, press the Expander icon (↕). Then, enter the Link Text / Title of your expander in the appropriate section.



You can choose a different style of expander using Expander Wrapper Class, as well as change the Toggle Style from ➕/➖ signs to ▶/▼ signs.

Then click OK.


To edit the Expandable Content, you will need to toggle the Source window to view the HTML.



Find the expander in the HTML that appears. You should see the Title of your Expander in the <h4> tag. Then, locate the ExpandableContent that comes right before </div>.


Replace the ExpandableContent text with any text (or HTML) you wish to appear in your expander. Click Source again to return to the rich text view of your lesson.

Click Save to preview your expander.


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