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Configuring Courses and Other Content for Learning Hub
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Console allows you to configure how your courses, events, and resources will display in the Learning Hub. For information on how to upload resources, check out this article.


  1. Navigate to Learning > [Courses, Events, or Resources]
  2. Open the appropriate content by clicking the content title

  3. In the Configuration tab, set the following:
    1. Content Type: Use the dropdown to correctly categorize your content type. This type is used for filtering in Learning Hub. You can also create your own label.
    2. Purchase Type:
      1. Display as Free — allows your users to access the content without any additional steps
      2. Display with an External Link — directs your users to an external site to claim or purchase the content
    3. Display on Browse page: Toggle this ON to change the visibility of this content type in the Browse page of Learning Hub. This allows any learners in your environment to search and enroll in these content offerings
    4. (If a course, you will also be able to set content-level feature access on this page)
  4. Click Save

You will now see your configured content item in the Learning Hub.

The Product Categories section under Marketing Info tab allows you to associate your learning products to pre-defined categories of your Product Catalog. Learn more about a Product Category functionality here


Enabling Dashboard Tab within My Learning Page

You can opt to add a Dashboard tab within Learning Hub that serves as a landing page for learners. The Dashboard tab displays courses/content items within available sections that groups enrolled courses (i.e. In Progress, Note Yet Started) on one page providing a more comprehensive and organized view.  NOTE: Saved for later tab is not included within the Dashboard tab.


Select See All next to a specific section to jump over to the tab right from the Dashboard tab. 

NOTE: IF there no courses/content items in a section that section will not be displayed within the Dashboard tab.

Courses are ordered by the following criteria:

In Progress - most recently used courses will appear first

Not Started, Completed, Expired - courses that expire first will appear first 


If you would like to enable a Dashboard Tab submit a ticket and include the following:

  • Number of course/content items you would like to be visible within each section
    Example of 3 course/content items per category
  • Order of the sections within the Dashboard page (top to bottom). The default order is: In Progress, Completed, Not Yet Started, and Expired.

The request typically takes 3 - 5 business days to process.  Our team will notify you as soon as the configuration is complete. 

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