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Adding Resources
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Resources are pieces of learning content that do not require an enrollment or payment. Resources can include any supported external asset type (SCORM, xAPI, URL, PDF).


You can upload tenant level resources through BluePrint and configure them for Learning Hub via Console.

Uploading Resources via BluePrint:

  1. Select Resources from the left hand navigation menu
  2. Select Add Resource at the top right
  3. Choose your Resource Type from the dropdown list
  4. Follow the steps on the page to name, upload, and configure your Resource
    1. Note: You can set the Content Completion Threshold to determine how much of the Resource your learner must consume before it is registered as "Complete."
    2. Note: In the "Learner's View", we recommend choosing the New Window launch setting:
  5. Select Create at the bottom (or top right)

Once your resource has been added, it will be available in Console! 

  1. In Console, navigate to Learning then Resources and locate your resource
  2. In the Configuration section, toggle Display on Browse Page when you are ready for the resource to be available in the Learning Hub
  3. The resource will immediately be available and searchable in the Browse page of Learning Hub!


For overview of BenchPrep's Resources management capabilities visit this article. 

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