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Adding Owners and Collaborators in BluePrint
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Once you add a BenchPrep course, the next step is to add owners and collaborators. Adding users as owners and collaborators will give users access to your course to create and manage content. Before adding users as owners and collaborators, think about who will need access and what you want their role to be within managing the course. 


As a refresher, the four roles in BluePrint include:

Role Name


Ideal User

BluePrint Admin

  • Holistic access to all content across all courses.

  • To read more about this role, click here.

Someone who will manage and/or maintain content across all courses.


  • Access to all content within the specific course.

  • Ability to assign/remove other users from the specific course.

The manager assigned to the course, who will update content and/or manage individuals working on the course.


  • Access to all content within the specific course.

  • Unable to add or remove other users' access.

Anyone assigned to the course who will update content only.

Content Reviewer

  • Access to all content within the specific course - cannot edit

  • Can view the course in the Learning Platform, and can add and respond to feedback.

A content reviewer or quality controller who does not need editing privileges in BluePrint.


Assigning a Role in BluePrint

  • Navigate to the desired course in BluePrint

  • Click the > icon next to Course Details on the left-hand navigation Menu

  • Next, select Course Access on the left-hand navigation Menu

  • On the Course Access Page, you can assign the owner, collaborator, or content reviewer roles to an existing user  by entering their email and then selecting the applicable role. The user will get an email notification once you add the role. 


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