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How do I download reports in the Data Reports section?

1. In the Data Reports section, you should see a button labeled "Run" to the right of the report name. 2. Click “Run” to generate the report. You will receive the report in your email when it is ready.

Updating Administrative Divisions

1. In the **Districts** tab, _select_ a **district** (Adding a district to an Administrative Division will automatically add every institution within the district to that Administrative Division) ![][1] 2. On the district’s details page, _click_ **Edit** ![][2] 3. On the next page, _select_ an **Administrative Di…

Viewing User Reviews

_Go_ to the **Courses** tab. Once you have selected your desired course, _select_ the **Reviews** tab. User reviews in full can be found at the bottom of the page. ![][1] [1]:

Extending Course Access

1. In the Tenant Administration, _find_ the **user you'd like to edit** and _click_ into **their profile** 2. On their profile page, _go_ to the **Contract** section below their main account information. An **Extend** link will be available on the right-hand side if the contract has not yet expired. _Click_ on **thi…

Managing Groups

## **Adding students or instructors to groups** 1. In the **Groups** tab, _click_ on a **group** 2. _Click_ on the **More** button towards the top-right of the screen. You'll see a drop-down list with options for **Manage Students** and **Manage Instructors** ![][1] 3. After selecting one of those options, you sho…

Managing Licenses for Institutions

1. In the **Institutions** tab, _find_ and _select_ the **school you want to edit** 2. On that institution’s details page, _select_ the **Contracts** section ![][1] 3. _Select_ the **contract** where you want to add additional seats 4. In the Contracts section, _click_ on the **Edit** button in the upper right han…

Managing Users

## **Searching for a specific user** 1. In the **User Admin** tab, _click_ the **Filters** button. This will allow you to search by keywords, role, course, institution, district, or administrative division ![][1] **Sorting users and search results by name, email address, ID, etc.** 1. You can _sort_ search results…

Managing Features for Institution

## **Changing features for an entire institution** 1. In the **Institutions** tab, _select_ an **institution** 2. On the institution's details page, _click_ on the **Manage Features** button ![][1] 3. You will then be able to _toggle_ specific features **on/off** ![][2] [1]: https://hf-files-oregon.s3.amazona…

Managing Institutions

## Adding New Institutions 1. _Go to_ the **Institutions** tab 2. _Click_ on the red outlined **New Institution** button in the upper-right- hand corner ![][1] 3. _Add_ the **institution's information** (Adding a contract to the institution is optional at this step) ![][2] ![][3] New Contract Fields: * **Na…

Activating Deactivated Users

On the desired user’s detail page, _click_ on the **More** button and then _select_ **Activate** from the drop-down list. ![][1] [1]:

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