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Managing Groups
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Adding students or instructors to groups

1. In the Groups tab, click on a group


2. Click on the More button towards the top-right of the screen.  You'll see a drop-down list with options for Manage Students and Manage Instructors



3. After selecting one of those options, you should come to a page to add users to the group


4. Check the box next to the appropriate users, and click Add to Group and then Save Group to save the changes




Viewing groups within one institution

1. In the Institutions tab, select an institution


2. On the institution’s details page, there are red tabs at the bottom of the page for GroupsInstitution Admin Users and ContractsClick Groups to view all of the institution's groups



Identifying a group's Group ID

1. Select the Group section


2. Use Filters to search by name, external ID or to filter by Institution or District



If you want to search for all groups with the same name, search by name 



3. The Group ID(s) will appear in the first column


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