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Private Discussions

In a typical classroom, a teacher may want to pull students aside to have a private discussion, or they may invite students to group up for private discussions themselves. The **Private Discussions** feature emulates that experience on our platform, and allows users to set up private discussion groups and invite other…

How do I turn on the Whiteboard for my courses?

The **Whiteboard** feature can be managed through Feature Access in the Tenant Dashboard. It's a tool that appears in the **Toolbox** section for learners. You can read more about how it works in the Learner-facing article: " [How do I use the Whiteboard feature in the Learning Platform?][1]" Like most features, you…

How do I sync the mobile site and the web app?

Tell the user that this isn’t necessary! If the user is using both simultaneously or switching between them, just have them refresh BenchPrep Ascend ™ or refresh the mobile site to reflect the most recent progress.

The Learning Platform

BenchPrep’s Learning Platform is the user-facing learning platform. It’s what your learners will access to progress through your course. Here’s what it looks like: **![][1]** # How do I Navigate The Learning Platform? 1. **Home**: On the home section the learner is able to see a high level overview of your course…

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