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In-App Messages FAQs
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  • Can I send more than one message to a user?
    Yes, you can send them as many messages as you’d like.
  • Is there a character limit to my message?
    No, there is no character limit.
  • If I edit the subject or message text of my message, will users who already received it be able to see the new updates?
    Yes, users who already received your message will see the updated version.
  • Can I edit an expired automated message?
    Yes, expired messages can still be updated. To make messages active again, you’ll need to update their end date. Check out our article here for steps on how to edit a message.

  • If my automated message expires, will users who triggered the message before the end date still be able to see it?
    Yes, they will still be able to see the message. The message can no longer be triggered in the course, but for users that have already triggered it, it will still appear in their Notification Center inbox.
  • Can I have a user no longer see my message without having to delete it in Console?
    Yes, if you impersonate them and go to their Notification Center inbox, you can select the message and delete it from here. They will no longer see the message, but the message will still appear in Console.

  • I have access to Boost Dashboard, can I still use it to create messages?
    While you can still use Boost Dashboard to create messages, we strongly recommend using Console as it offers more robust messaging capabilities. Please note that Console’s Message listing page only displays Messages created in Console. Boost’s Message listing only displays Messages created in Boost Dashboard.
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