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3. Viewing Learner Materials
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Materials added to a course can be found on the left-hand side menu options or they can be present within the toolbox button within questions and lessons for a course - depending on where they were uploaded. Visit the section below for steps on viewing course and toolbox materials.


Viewing Course Materials

  1. Access a course in the learning application, and select the Materials tab on the left-hand side. (Note: If the course doesn’t have any materials available, this tab will not appear.)
  2. This page shows all materials uploaded to this course, the type and file size of each material.
  3. Select the Filter button to filter materials by file name or extension.
  4. Select Download next to the material you would like to view.
  5. To access the material after it is downloaded, either click on your downloads icon on the top-right corner of your browser or navigate to the downloads folder on your device.

Viewing Toolbox Materials

Toolbox Materials are course specific materials accessible to learners via the Toolbox in the learning application. If enabled the Toolbox will display in the top right hand corner of lessons and questions. 

  1. Access a course in the learning application, and select either practice questions or lessons.  (Note: the course must have the Toolbox feature enabled.)
  2. Next, click on Toolbox.
  3. A window will appear allowing the learner to select the material they want to access.
  4. If available, click on the icons on the upper-right hand side to download the toolbox material or print it out.  Not all toolbox materials will be available to print or download.
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