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1. Intro to Materials
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Materials are downloadable files available to learners and instructors within a specific course.  Materials are intended to be supplemental, standalone content and cannot be incorporated in a Study Plan or Milestones.  BenchPrep offers multiple ways to provide materials to users to enhance their learning experience - depending on the need, configuration and tools used. 

Note: During replication all materials uploaded will be replicated from one course to another, or from a bank course into an associated course.  To learn more about the replication process click here.


Material options include:


  • BenchPrep Course: Material - course specific materials accessible to learners via the learning application.
  • BenchPrep Course: Toolbox Material - course specific materials accessible to learners via the Toolbox in the learning application.  If enabled the Toolbox will display in the top right hand corner of lessons and questions.
  • BluePrint Materials - accessible via BluePrint, non-learner facing.


File types that can be uploaded include:

  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsx)
  • PowerPoint presentation (.ppt or .pptx)
  • Image (.jpeg, .jpg, or .png)
  • Video (.mp4)
  • Downloadable content (.dlc)
  • Zipped (.zip)


Note: The Enable Student and Instructor Materials feature access needs to be enabled to ensure the uploaded materias are visible to targeted audiences.  This feature access is controllable at the Tenant, Course, and Branch level.  More info on the feature access can be found here.  Based on existing configurations materials will display as Resources not Materials if materials were previously being used within the Tenant.


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