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Console Tutorial
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Before you can configure your tenant, it's important to understand our admin tool Console and how it plays a role in setting up your learner platform experience for your learners. Console is a flexible admin tool that allows you to create plans, enroll users, and redesign your learning platform. 


Once you log into your BenchPrep account, you are taken immediately to Console. Within this tool, you are presented five menus on the left hand side:

  • Manage Users

  • Learning

  • Communication

  • Analytics

  • Settings

Within each of these menu options, you can:

Manage Users

  • View and manage users. This includes assigning them roles and permissions.

  • Create plans, once your courses have been created.

  • Create vouchers, which is one way a learner can access your platform once you are ready to launch.


  • View all of your courses created in BluePrint.

  • Further configure and manage course setting options (feature accesses).

  • Manage resources that are available to your learners.

  • Communicate with your users by creating and configuring banner messages, in-app messages, and emails.


  • Run a set of standard reports related to your courses and learners, or view analytics about your learners.


  • Configure custom URLs, branding, roles and permissions, and set up locales (headers). 



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