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Key Terms and Definitions
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Below you will find a chart of some of the most common key terms and definitions within our platform and tools. Note: This chart is meant to be high level. Additional deep dives on all of these areas are provided throughout the Knowledge Base and Quick Guides.


Key Term


What Can You Do? 


Your BenchPrep platform

  • Use the BenchPrep platform and tools to configure your tenant for your learners.


Internal facing admin tool where you configure your platform. 

  • Create and manage users

  • Configure and custom brand your tenant

  • Further configure courses once created

  • Create vouchers and plans

  • Run reports


Content creation and management system where you create course content. 

  • Manually create your own courses with lessons, questions, flashcards, tests, and assignments, and more!

  • Import pre-authored course content into an asset-based course.

  • Upload Materials

  • Export course content

  • Upload resources and style content

  • Receive feedback and prompt discussions

  • Validate course content

Tenant Dashboard

Used for overall course management and additional configuration settings.

  • Create and manage users; impersonate users

  • Turn features on/off, create banners

  • View course reviews and run reports

User Portal

Allows users to manage their account.

  • View courses, add a picture, edit email address

  • Change password and view account details

  • Manage email settings

Learning Hub

Landing page where learners see course listings.

  • Configure course descriptions and images with our course builder, BluePrint.


Learner platform.

  • Learners view courses

  • Practice and study content

  • Access resources

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