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Milestones Configuration
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In order to implement milestones in your course, the BenchPrep team will need specific information in a CSV format, including BluePrint IDs of applicable lessons, assets and/or exams.


NOTE: Milestones should be configured before a course is live to your learners to allow for ample testing. We do not recommend implementing milestones in existing live courses with learners, as that might have an undesirable learner experience consequences and can affect data.  


Before populating the required CSV review the following requirement criteria to ensure your milestones are properly configured. 

Locked content - the assets, lesson, or exam that is locked until the unlock criteria has been met. BenchPrep can lock exams, assets, study tasks composed of Questions, or Lessons within a given course. Flashcards, Essays, and the Game Center are currently not supported within milestones configuration. 

Unlock criteria - the asset, lesson, exam or that must be completed or met in order to unlock a piece of content.

  • Content completion, i.e. complete content A to access content B.
  • Content mastery, i.e. complete exam A with a score of 75% or higher to access content  Content mastery is only available for exams—it is not currently possible to lock content based on a learner’s practice question scores or lesson Confidence Levels. 

NOTE: It is possible to combine criteria - for example, to access lesson C learners must complete lesson A and exam B. 

Dependencies are relationships between the locked content and unlock criteria within each Milestone, i.e. criteria D unlocks content E. If a piece of locked content has multiple criteria, and learners must meet these criteria in a certain order, BenchPrep will need this information to implement Milestones. 


Multiple content items can also be applied to unlock a milestone, and a single milestone can also be configured to unlock multiple content items.  However, each milestone can only have one action link. If a single milestone will unlock multiple content items, configuration should be done such that the action link is not specified in the upload CSV.

Once you identified the course you would like to implement milestones to, ensure the following requirements are met:

  • All content is in the course; the course structure and content is complete. 
  • The course has been built at least once - that is, changes have been pushed out to WebApp. 
  • Content to be locked has been identified, including IDs. 
  • Content (tasks) that learners need to do to unlock the content has been identified, including IDs. 
  • Criteria for unlocking content (accomplishing the milestone) have been identified.
  • The overall structure of the path through the course that learners will take to unlock locked items has been mapped out. This may be identical to or slightly different from the study plan. 

Mapping out the milestone journey for your course and identifying all of the required content items ahead of time will help you with populating the CSV with ease! 

Populating the CSV


  1. Download the CSV sample here and fill out the relevant fields.
  2. Submit a request to our support team to implement milestones.  NOTE: The request can take approximately 5-7 business days from submission of properly formatted CSV to input into a course.
Column Heading Name Definition & Example
Course ID BluePrint Course ID
Milestone Number Order in which the milestones will appear in the course, starting from 0. If multiple items are part of the same milestone (i.e. they unlock the same content), they should have the same value in this column (i.e. 0,1,2,2,3)
Milestone Name

The name of the milestone that appears to the learner in the milestone pop-up window as the next required task. Visible in Webapp.
Examples: “Complete Required Reading” 
“Pass Exam with 80%”

Milestone Description Optional A short description of what content the learner needs to complete to unlock the milestone. This does not need to be the name of the lesson/test/etc. in BluePrint. 
Visible in Webapp. Leave this field blank if not using milestone descriptions. 
Examples: “Lessons to Read”
“Final Exam” 
“Overview: The Five Steps of Reasoning”
Milestone Type Input “interactions” if the interaction type is SCORM or Learn on Demand Labs. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
Action Link

Optional Specifies where the user should go to complete this milestone. This field determines where the user lands when they click on the "Go" button next to the milestone pop-up, For example, if the user needs to take a test to move to the next milestone, making the action link "#exams" ensures the user is taken directly to the Tests section. NOTE: If this field is left blank, the user will be redirected to the Structured Study Plan by default.
Leave this field blank if not using action links. 

Summary of items that unlock it

The field is used when you want to present multiple content items unlocking a milestone as one group. For example, when multiple lessons need to be completed to achieve a milestone and you want to tell the learner ‘Complete All Introduction Lessons' instead of listing all the lessons individually. 

If tied to a single milestone, the copy should be identical to the “Items that Unlock It Description” field.

Visible in Webapp

Items That Unlocks It Type The type of the content item(s) that the user must complete to achieve this milestone.
  • If Lesson, enter “Section”
  • If Practice Question Category, enter “QuestionCategory” 
  • If Exam, enter “Exam”
  • If LOD Labs or SCORM enter “ExternalPackage”
NOTE: This column controls which icon appears next to the milestone, i.e. Section = the book icon for lessons, Exam = the clipboard icon for tests. 
Item That Unlocks It ID The BluePrint ID of the content item (Lesson, Practice Question Category, Exam) that the user must complete to complete this milestone. If there are multiple content items the user must complete, create a separate row for each one. Do not list multiple BluePrint IDs in the same row.
Item That Unlocks It Description Appears in the milestones pop-up and should tell the user what exactly they must accomplish to "complete" a milestone. For example: "Mark Confidence Level on lesson", "Complete lesson", "Pass test with score of 75% or higher". You are not limited to specific copy here, but be mindful of space within the milestones drop-down. Visible in Webapp.
Unlockable Content Type The type of content unlocked as part of this milestone.
  • If Lesson, enter “Section”
  • If Practice Question Category, enter “QuestionCategory”
  • If Test, enter “Exam”
  • If LOD Labs or SCORM enter  “ExternalPackage”
NOTE: If this is the last milestone in the course and the user should complete all unlocked content in order to receive the "You have completed all milestones!" message, leave this field blank.
Unlockable Content ID The BluePrint ID of the content item (Lesson, Practice Question Category, Exam) that the user must complete to complete this milestone. If there are multiple content items the user must complete, create a separate row in this sheet for each one. Do not list multiple BluePrint IDs in the same row. The name of the content from BluePrint will be visible in Webapp

This column tells the system what data to look for to determine if this milestone has been completed. 

  • If the learner must complete a lesson to complete the milestone, enter "value". 
  • If the user must complete a test to complete the milestone, enter "state" here. 
  • If the user must complete a test WITH A CERTAIN SCORE, enter "percentage_correct" here, please note if defining a SCORE for a Learn On Demand Lab "score" should be used in place of percentage_correct.

NOTE: these values are case sensitive. 


The Operator and Condition columns establish the completion criteria set for the milestones to be considered completed. 
Review few examples below:

  • If the learner needs to complete a lesson to complete a milestone use ‘exists’ in both operator and condition columns.
  • If the learner must complete a test to complete the milestone, use ‘equals’ in operator column and ‘complete’ in condition column
  • If the user must complete a test and get a certain score, enter the numerical score value in the operator column and the corresponding operator value in the operator column. If a user must complete a test with a score of 75% or higher, condition column should state 75 and operator column should use the ‘greater_than_equal’ column. 

Possible operator values include:
- equals
- greater_than
- greater_than_equal
- less_than
- less_than_equal
- between
- exists

Condition Values correlated to the Operator column.  See operator column above. 
Possible operator values include:
- exists
- complete 
- 75 (sample completion %)
- 100 (sample completion %)


Sample Course Example

Check out Milestone Example file and accompanying Milestone Example CSV to review sample milestone formatting. 

Finding BluePrint Content IDs

In order to correctly populate the CSVs, ensure you are copying correct BluePrint Content IDs.

The IDs are typically located next to the content name itself.


Test ID

Lesson ID


CSV Checklist

Before submitting the CSV make sure you check the following:


  • Confirm milestone sort order column numbering is sequential and starts from 0
  • Double check BluePrint IDs to make sure they are correct and accurate
  • Ensure CSV does not have any extra white space or duplicate rows
  • Ensure formatting for all numbers is consistent (text or numbers) 
  • If not utilizing an optional field, leave the cell blank
  • Save your CSV for your records. If milestones need to be rebuilt/corrected you will not need to recreate the file from scratch! 
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