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Using Milestones in a Course
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A course contiatining milestones will have a pin drop icon on the top-right hand side of the screen. Upon clicking on the icon, a milestone drop-down screen appears displaying the milestones that were set up for the course. 



Each milestone includes one or more unlock criteria that, upon being met, allows the learner to access additional content and work towards the next milestone. All milestones within a course have a linear relationship to one another, represented by the path graphic in the milestone drop-down.



NOTE: Milestones are separate from the Study Plan and only include locked content and unlock criteria. In the screenshot below, the Study Plan includes practice questions and flashcards, but the Milestone tracker only requires the learner to complete lesson content to move onto the next Milestone.




Each milestone contains one or more pieces of locked content (seen under “This Milestone Unlocks” in the screenshot above). After the Unlock criteria (Seen under “To Achieve This Milestone” in the screenshot above) for the milestone is met, the locked content becomes accessible to the learner. 

Milestones vs. Prerequisites 


Setting up prerequisites in BluePrint allows you to lock content from being accessed from your Study Plan until a specific prerequisite has been met. Learn more about setting up prerequisites here. Alternatively, milestones allow you to lock content from being accessed from any modality. 

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