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4. Milestones FAQ
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Review Common Milestones Questions below


Q: Can I implement milestones within a live course? Will existing users be affected? 

A: We strongly encourage milestones setup and configuration before a course has been released to live learners. Implementing milestones within a live course with active users can affect their learning experience and affect data.


Q: How do I update existing milestones? I need to redo my existing milestones (add/remove) content items, update order, update milestone name, descriptions, etc.. How can I do this?

A: While editing is possible, we discourage updating milestones once a course is live, as it might affect learner's progress. Learn more on editing a milestone here.


Q: Can a milestone be used to unlock a certificate? 

A: Yes, but not directly. Certificates are issued once the study plan is completed, but certificates can’t be locked. To have this as part of your study plan, we recommend creating a final lesson in the course that is unlocked after everything has been completed that includes a message congratulating learners on course completion that contains information as to where they can find, access, and download the certificate. 


Q: Can I use Milestones to unlock a Skillable Lab or SCORM? Or require my learners to complete a SCORM or lab before moving on to other content? 

A: Yes! You can use Assets as Unlock Criteria content. 

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