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Creating Unscored Questions
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If you are looking to build unscored questions into your tests or practice question sets, BluePrint has a solution, and it couldn't be easier!


An unscored question's answer, whether correct or incorrect, will not factor into the student's score at the end of a practice question set or a test. Your learners won't know that the question is unscored, allowing you to create a more complex learning experience (if you do want your learners to be aware that the question is unscored, be sure to notify them in the question content).


Note: that changing a live question to "unscored" will affect the scores of anyone who had answered the question when it was previously "scored."  Unscored questions populate in Question Answer Report generated from the Standard Reporting section in Console. Learn more about Standard Reporting here.


Here's all you need to know to create an unscored question:

  1. Begin a new question by heading to the Questions page and selecting New Question in the top right corner.
  2. Create your question by filling in the necessary information.
  3. Select "Mark as Unscored" beneath the answers setting:
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