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Getting Started
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BigCommerce is a leading SaaS e-commerce platform that enables your business to set up and manage its own online storefront, delivering a modern and integrated buying experience for your customers.


With BigCommerce, you will be better equipped to drive up your end-to-end learner experiences.


BigCommerce's features include:


  • A configurable and intuitive interface

  • Automated discounts and promotions capabilities 

  • Multichannel marketing

  • A streamlined check-out process 

  • A flexible payment gateway 

  • Robust data and analytics tools

  • Incomparable security & secure credit card purchasing


To learn more about the importance of an e-commerce solution for the success and growth of your company, check out our blog post!


If you are interested in exploring BigCommerce capabilities’ for your organization, contact your BenchPrep Customer Success Manager today!


For troubleshooting tips and FAQs post implementation, review our knowledge base articles here


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