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Configuring BigCommerce
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When it comes time to update your products, BigCommerce makes it easy to configure all of your courses within your online store.


Once integrated, you can use BigCommerce to add or remove courses and course bundles, to keep your clients up to date with your curricula!


In this article, we will cover:

Adding Courses

  1. In BigCommerce, Select Digital product type in the Basic Information section.

    Please note: Visible on Storefront and Default Price should not be filled out if the product will be part of a bundle.

  2. Fill out the following custom fields in the Customization section:

    1. duration OR end_date
      1. duration refers to the number of days that a user will have access to the course after purchase. Include only a numerical value.
      2. end_date refers to the date when users will lose access to this course regardless of purchase date. The date needs to be entered in the following format (yyyy-mm-dd)
      3. Note: If both end_date and duration fields are inputted, access will expire on whichever date that is sooner.  If the end_date provided is a past date, enrollment will not be created.
    2. course_slug
      1. This is the custom url slug for your course, which can be found in Blueprint within the Course Properties section or in Tenant Dashboard within Courses 
  3. Select Save.

Adding a Course Bundle

  1. Create a single new product and indicate:
    1. the name of the bundle
    2. product type 
    3. default price (price of the bundle)
  2. Do NOT specify the custom fields course_slug or duration.
  3. Select Modifier Options under Customizations
  4. Click Add Modifier for each product to be included in the bundle
  5. Click Required and Default for each individual product comprising the bundle if the product must be purchased if the bundle is purchased
  6. Click Save.

Alternatively, Pick Lists can be utilized to present optional add-on purchases, in which case Required would not need to be checked.

Editing and Deleting Courses

  • For an explanation of editing single products in BigCommerce, read their instructions here.

  • For an explanation of bulk editing products, read their instructions here.
  • To delete a product from BigCommerce, read the instructions here.
  • Please note: Deleting a course product from BigCommerce will NOT remove course access to that product for existing users.
  • You can deactivate user access by following these steps:

    1. In Tenant Dashboard, locate the user

    2. Select More on the top-right hand side

    3. Choose Deactivate

  • Deactivating users will disable access and unenroll users from all available courses. 

  • Contact BenchPrep support if you need to deactivate access to specific courses only. 

User Checkout Experience​​​​​​​

After the purchase has been made, the end user will receive an automated account activation email prompting them to create their credentials and access their course materials immediately!

User flow from course purchase to access:

While specific email templates are configurable and might vary, it is important to advise end users to follow instructions from their email notifications following their purchase to ensure quick and easy access to their course materials.

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