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Testing Your Integration Setup
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We recommend testing your store by placing a test purchase to ensure a seamless and successful checkout experience.

Follow BigCommerce’s recommended test steps, to verify shipping & tax settings, payment gateway settings, and viewing a test order.

Testing a BenchProduct Purchase

  1. Access your BigCommerce storefront
  2. Add applicable product(s) to your cart
  3. Navigate to the checkout page
    1. Confirm you are prompted to set up an account on BigCommerce
    2. Confirm custom checkout fields are present at account creation (if applicable)
  4. Complete your purchase
    1. Select applicable payment test method here.
  5. Verify a summary page appears confirming completion of your purchase and outlining next steps.
    Sample confirmation page:
  6. Confirm receipt of BigCommerce emails (if enabled)

  7. Confirm receipt of an account activation email from BenchPrep containing an activation link

    1. Click on the activation link in the email

    2. Confirm you are prompted to set up log in credentials and finalize your account (note BenchPrep URL)

  8. Confirm you have access to purchased courses and are able to access the content. 

We recommend completing a test purchase anytime you add a new product to your storefront. 


Contact your BenchPrep representative or BenchPrep support if you encounter any issues with successfully completing your test order.

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