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We'll address some of the questions we receive from clients who use BigCommerce:

if we haven't answered your question here, check out BigCommerce's Help Center!

Running Reports

BigCommerce offers extensive reporting capabilities to provide a comprehensive view of your e-commerce activities. 

Click here to learn more about available reports in more detail.


You can export the list of your customer data, including any custom fields added during account registration by following these steps:

  1. In BigCommerce, Select Customers from the navigation menu on the left

  2. Select Export

  3. Select a built-in template and a file format

  4. Select Continue

  5. Click on the generated link to begin the export

  6. Download the file


You can create custom Export Templates by following instructions found here.

Troubleshooting User Access Issues

In BigCommerce, verify the order was successfully completed by:

  1. Selecting Orders from the left-hand side navigation

  2. Selecting View

  3. Ensuring All Orders is selected 

  4. Typing user’s name or email address and selecting search icon or clicking enter on your keyboard

  5. Successful order will have a Completed Status

  6. If the order cannot be found, the user has most likely not checked out successfully. Please instruct the user to attempt to complete the order again.


In Tenant Dashboard, verify the user has a profile created by:

  1. Selecting Users from the left-hand side navigation

  2. Selecting Filters 

  3. Searching for user by name by Name, ID, email or external ID

  4. If the user cannot be found, there might be an issue with the integration and you should contact BenchPrep support for assistance.

If you are able to verify an order in BigCommerce and the account exists in BenchPrep, user access to the course has been successfully provisioned. The activation email may be delayed; it could take up to 15 minutes for a user to receive it after purchase.


If a user does not receive an activation email after 15 minutes, you can:

  • Resend the activation email (see below)

  • Manually update the password of the user in Tenant Dashboard and send it to the user (see below). This will enable them to login and access the course(s) without the activation email

  • Contact BenchPrep Support so they can further investigate the issue

Resend the Activation Email

  1. In Tenant Dashboard, select Users from the left-hand side navigation

  2. Select Filters 

  3. Search user by name by Name, ID, email or external ID

  4. Select activation email from the Resend email to user drop-down

Manually Update a User's Password

  1. In Tenant Dashboard, select Edit on the top right-hand side of the screen

  2. Type a new password in the password and confirm password fields 

  3. Select Save

  4. Provide the new password and the appropriate website URL to access the courses to end user

  5. Generate a resend password email to be triggered to user by selecting password reset email from the user profile page 

Further Assistance

Leverage BigCommerce’s robust Knowledge Base with how-to videos and documentation.  

Browse the Community within the Help Center to post your questions, search common topics and share your knowledge with other members.


Review helpful BigCommerce knowledge base articles to help effectively manage your store:


Contact Benchprep Support for specific issues related to the integration or your storefront. BenchPrep support team can contact BigCommerce support with integration related issues on your behalf. 


When contacting BenchPrep support regarding BigCommerce issues please ensure to include:

  • detailed description of the the issue you are experiencing with your storefront including the specific product/bundle 

  • full page screenshots of any error messages 

  • steps taken that resulted in an error (to allow us to test and reproduce the issue)

  • any prior steps taken to resolve the issue


Don’t forget to bookmark and monitor the BigCommerce Status page to monitor any outages or service disruptions, and review BigCommerce-supported browsers found here.

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