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3. Configuring Group Association

The Group Assignment functionality is available at the deployment level. It provides the ability to assign users to Groups based on LTI context.  This allows for automatically grouping users based on the desired attribute in the LTI Context Claim, instead of needing to manually create groups and assign users to group…

4. Global LTI Role Mapping

Mapping global LTI roles is available at the LTI tool level. It enhances user management experience and facilitates straightforward control over role-based access. To map LTI roles to platform roles follow these steps: * Access the LTI page. At tenant level, select Settings on the left-hand side and …

2. Configuring an LTI tool

Before you begin the setup process, review the following recommendations: * Make sure you have a designated technical expert responsible for establishing and managing the LTI configuration The technical resource should have applicable administrative access within the LTI 1.3 platform  The technical resource s…

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