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3. Configuring Group Association
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The Group Assignment functionality is available at the deployment level. It provides the ability to assign users to Groups based on LTI context.  This allows for automatically grouping users based on the desired attribute in the LTI Context Claim, instead of needing to manually create groups and assign users to groups. 


To assign users into groups via LTI deployment follow these steps:

  1. .Access the LTI page.
    • At tenant level, select Settings on the left-hand side and choose LTI from menu options. Then click on the desired LTI tool. 
    • At a branch level, select Branches underneath Manage Users. Locate the desired branch and select it. Click Settings, choose LTI and click on the desired LTI tool.
  2. Navigate to Associated Deployments tab.
  3. Click on the Deployment name.
  4. On the Deployment Detail page, select the Group Assignment tab.
  5. Check the Allow mapping to a group checkbox and choose the desired LTI Context Claim.
  6. Click Save


Upon saving, users launching this LTI tool from this deployment will be added to the group.  If the group does not exist it will be created. 


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