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3. Unlocking Premium Content in a BenchPrep Course

To unlock Premium Content within a course, follow these steps: * Identify content that is currently locked - as indicated by a lock icon.  Example of locked content in a Practice module  Example of locked content an Exam module * Click anywhere on the locked item to open the pop-up modal. * Review th…

2. Configuring Premium Content

Activating Premium Content requires coordination with BenchPrep. In order to utilize this functionality, the following prerequisites must be met: * Premium Content can only be utilized by customers with an established SSO integration * Premium Content can be implemented in a new course OR by adding brand new conte…

1. Intro to Premium Content

BenchPrep's Premium Content functionality enables the creation of layered learner experiences such as limited course trials or in-course purchases of additional content, allowing you to seamlessly upsell content at a more granular level. Learners will be able to easily identify locked content and follow a purcha…

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