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2. Configuring Premium Content
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Activating Premium Content requires coordination with BenchPrep. In order to utilize this functionality, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Premium Content can only be utilized by customers with an established SSO integration 
  • Premium Content can be implemented in a new course OR by adding brand new content in an existing course.
  • Content types that can be configured as premium content include:
    • Lessons
    • Practice Questions Categories
    • Test Questions 
    • External Assets/Skillable Labs

Note: Premium Content is not compatible with the Custom Practice Experience

Additionally, review the following considerations as you explore offering Premium Content within a course: 


  • Courses and content to be designated as Premium, as well as the unlock criteria must be identified and will need to be provided to BenchPrep
    • IDs of any content to be locked (content must be present in the course)
    • Unlock criteria text displayed in the pop-up modal
    • URL learners will use to fulfill the unlock criteria
  • Ensure you have technical resources available to work with BenchPrep to update and test the SSO integration
    • Testing Premium Content experience with SSO integration is highly recommended
  • Plan for training support teams on the Premium Content experience within the Learning Platform and any external systems used in conjunction with the Premium Content experience.

Note: Once premium content is unlocked, it will be available to learners until their course expires and cannot be set to expire on it's own from the Learning Platform.  If a learner renews/repurchases a course the learner will have access to the premium content they previously purchased.  However, based on your SSO integration, you may be able to restrict access for learners after a certain amount of time.


If you are interested in taking advantage of the feature, reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager to coordinate the next steps in the setup process and discuss timelines. 

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