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Structured Study Plans

A **Study Plan **is a pathway through course content on our platform. BenchPrep offers two types of study plans—Structured and Adaptive. You don’t need to have either one of these plans for your course to work on BenchPrep. However, if you want to set-up the plans, you can do so with BenchPrep. Below are some key diff…

Importing a Structured Study Plan

A **Structured Study Plan **can take a long time to create, but it's possible to speed up the process by assembling your plan in spreadsheets and uploading them through our **CSV Importer** tool. In this article, we'll cover how to do that. **Note: **When creating spreadsheets, it's important to fill out information …

Creating and Editing a Structured Study Plan

The** Structured Study Plan** is a linear pathway through all course material. The plan is composed of **Study Tasks**, which can exist alone or within **Study Task Groups**. A **Study Task **contains one module of content - lessons, flashcards, practice questions, an exam, an essay topic, OR an external asset. A **…

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