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Favicon Best Practices

A **Favicon** is a graphic image (an icon) associated with a particular web page and/or web site. It is used as a visual reminder of the Web site identity in the address bar or in tabs. ![][1] You can upload a favicon icon (**.ico format**) via** Look and Feel** section in **Console.** Click [here][2] to learn how t…

Managing Look and Feel

The **Look and Feel setting**** **in Console allows you to manage branding across your tenant. This includes your primary and secondary colors, your logos and icons, your footer, your landing page, and your locales, or the terminology you’d like to customize across your tenant. Use this setting to configure the look …

SVG File Best Practices

## What is an SVG file? SVG stands for **scalable vector graphic**_, _and is used for rendering 2-dimensional images on the internet. _ _ An SVG file is a digital format that is **vector-based**. This allows for the quality of the graphic to look great at any scale, whether the user is viewing it on a smartphone or …

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