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Managing Look and Feel

The **Look and Feel setting**** **in Console allows you to manage branding across your tenant. This includes your primary and secondary colors, your logos and icons, your footer, your landing page, and your locales, or the terminology you’d like to customize across your tenant. Use this setting to configure the look …

Managing Tenant-Wide Features

**Feature Access** allows you to manage features across your Tenant. Once you've enabled a feature for your Tenant, you can [enable or disable it for each individual course][1] via Console, or via BluePrint [Course Configuration][2] module. Feature Access is located under **Settings** in **Console.** Users must have…

Managing Tenant Details

Your **Tenant Details** allow you to create a custom URL for your tenant (your learning environment). We’ll walk you through purchasing and configuring a masked URL (outside of Console). Once you have that, we’ll show you how to add your purchased URL into Console to brand your tenant. You will only be able to view t…

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