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Managing Content in a Live Course

When managing content in a live course, it’s important to understand how your actions may impact the experience of existing learners in the course. BluePrint is designed so you can make **low-stakes changes** to existing content quickly and easily. Actions like fixing a typo or switching an image, for example, won't …

Why are there no Live Classes available?

Please note that not all users will have access to Live Classes even if the Live Classes section is available for that course. Users must be placed into a certain group upon registration to receive access to Live Classes. If users do not have access to Live Classes, they will see the following screen: ![][1] [1]…

Live Classes

With BenchPrep's Live Class functionality, you can invite your learners to a live class lead by your instructors on the platform of your choice! An individual live class can be scoped either to a course or a particular group, and instructors can create either a single live class or bulk upload multiple live classes. …

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