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Managing Content in a Live Course
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When managing content in a live course, it’s important to understand how your actions may impact the experience of existing learners in the course.


BluePrint is designed so you can make low-stakes changes to existing content quickly and easily. Actions like fixing a typo or switching an image, for example, won't disrupting your learners' progress through the course.


However, you will need to take more caution with (or at least know the ramifications of) structural changes and changes that impact data.

Structural Changes

In general, changes to the structure of any part of your course will affect the learner's progress through it. Adding or removing lessons, flashcards, questions, tests, or assets from a Structured Study Plan will impact study plan progress in obvious ways. For example, a learner who completed a study plan will see that their course is incomplete if you add new content to it.


Generally speaking, the higher volume of changes you make, the larger the impact will be. It is also dependent on the individual learners and what they have or have not completed by the time you publish the changes; for example, if your course has only been live for a day, big changes are likely to impact less learners.

Changes Impacting Data

Changing Questions

The Question editor has a clearly marked section that warns you of the specific changes that will impact users. Changing the question type, answer options, the correct answer, and the associated question category will impact users' progress.

Changing any of the above will impact the users who have already answered the question; for example, if a question's correct answer is changed, users who had previously gotten that correct will now see they have gotten it wrong.

Deleting Content

As previously noted, deleting content will affect learners' progress through a course. Where questions are concerned, deleted content can also affect the learners' scores for the test or practice question set that the question lives within.

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